Deep Stretch Basics | Intermediate

Deep Stretch Basics | Intermediate

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Deep Stretch Basics | Intermediate
  • INT 1 | Intensify your practice.

    Day 1 of this series will have you pushing your flexibility to new limits. Listen to your body, breathe, and stretch to an intensity that suits you.

  • INT 2 | Lengthen.

    Day 2 of this series focuses on outward rotation of the hips and lengthening of the hamstrings. You will need two yoga blocks for the end of this practice.

  • INT 3 | Frog & Straddle

    Day 3 of this series introduces you to interval flexibility training. Rotate between Frog Pose and Straddle Pose for an incredible hip opening and hamstring stretch.

  • INT 4 | Upper Body Intensive

    Day 4 of this series focuses purely on upper body flexibility. You will need 2 yoga blocks for this practice.

  • INT 5 | Lunge into Splits.

    Day 5 of this series hones in on front splits. This is a great practice to repeat often until your splits are flat to the floor.

  • INT 6 | Flow & Stretch

    Day 6 of this series combines flow movements and 1-minute holds for a full body practice.

  • INT 7 | Hamstrings on Fire

    Day 7 of this series focuses on hamstring flexibility. Do your best to keep your legs straight and feet flexed through this practice.