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Watch this video and more on DEEP STRETCH

Watch this video and more on DEEP STRETCH

BEG 2 | Ease into flexibility.

Deep Stretch Basics | Beginner • 27m

Up Next in Deep Stretch Basics | Beginner

  • BEG 3 | Find your limit and breathe.

    Day 3 of this series brings you deeper into your hips and hamstrings. If you find yourself holding your breathe, ease off of the stretch to a more comfortable position. Remember - breathe is key to relaxation.

  • BEG 4 I In the groove.

    Day 4 of this series combines techniques learned in days 1-3. Begin with dynamic movements to warm your muscles and finish this practice with a series of long holds.

  • BEG 5 | Open your hips.

    Day 5 of this series is slower and more restorative in nature. Don't be fooled though, take advantage of the longer holds in this flow to open your hips.