Deep Stretch Basics | Beginner

Deep Stretch Basics | Beginner

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Deep Stretch Basics | Beginner
  • BEG 1 | Set your intentions.

    Day 1 of this series prepares you for what is to come on your flexibility series. You will be repeating these movements often during your Deep Stretch practice, so pay close attention to your form!

  • BEG 2 | Ease into flexibility.

    Day 2 of this series utilizes blocks and straps to help ease your body into becoming flexible. Build on movements you learned in Day 1 with a focus on hamstring flexibility at the end of this video.

  • BEG 3 | Find your limit and breathe.

    Day 3 of this series brings you deeper into your hips and hamstrings. If you find yourself holding your breathe, ease off of the stretch to a more comfortable position. Remember - breathe is key to relaxation.

  • BEG 4 I In the groove.

    Day 4 of this series combines techniques learned in days 1-3. Begin with dynamic movements to warm your muscles and finish this practice with a series of long holds.

  • BEG 5 | Open your hips.

    Day 5 of this series is slower and more restorative in nature. Don't be fooled though, take advantage of the longer holds in this flow to open your hips.

  • BEG 6 | Pick up the pace.

    Day 6 of this series picks up the pace to prepare you for what's to come in intermediate level.

  • BEG 7 | Pigeons & Pyramids

    I have decided to extend the Deep Stretch Basics series to 21 days! Day 7 of this series is a quick feel good flow with an extended hold in pigeon.

  • BEG 8 | Happy Hips *NEW

    Day 8 of this series continues to build on what we've learned and add in some new hip movements.