Deep Stretch Basics | Advanced

Deep Stretch Basics | Advanced

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Deep Stretch Basics | Advanced
  • ADV 1 | Warming up.

    Day 1 of this series warms you up for what is to come in the Advanced Deep Stretch Basics series. Begin with dynamic movements and finish with work into a deeper straddle pose.

  • ADV 2 | Front Splits & Frog

    Day 2 of this series works you into deeper front splits and frog pose. Listen to your body and stretch to an intensity that suits you.

  • ADV 3 | Bendy Back

    Day 3 of this series focuses solely on upper body flexibility. You will need 2 yoga blocks for this practice.

  • ADV 4 | Middle splits & Advanced Frog

    Day 4 of this series deepens your training in frog pose and middle splits. Work to stay present in your stretching practice and breathe into a deeper stretch.

  • ADV 5 | Get Loose

    Day 5 of this series focuses on loosening up your hamstrings and shoulders. This is a quick flow but will get you feeling good!

  • ADV 6 | Straddle WORK

    Day 6 of this series will get your straddle stretch to the next level.